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Whimsis allows you to share your opinions knowing other people are interested in the answers. Just click an answer. And repeat.

Why Register

No more duplicates! Whimsis is fun. Until you are asked the same questions you have already answered. Registering allows Whimsis to only give you questions you haven't answered.

You can ask your own questions! You must register to ask questions.

Collect and use Whims! Registration is required so Whimsis can remember how you used them.

What are Whims?

You gain one Whim for each answer.

Whims can be used to get better details - currently the counts of each answer, and the counts of genders for members. Note that the gender counts will not sum to the total count as only members have genders.


Whims can also be used to Care for a question. More Cares presents questions earlier to other people so the questions get more answers. Use the slider to choose how many Whims to use, then click the heart to add them.

Adding Questions

Members can add questions. Click "Add Question". Enter a question and 2-5 answers. Click "Save". You will see how the question will look and be able to edit it. You will also see 3 similar questions. You can add 1 Care to a Similar Question (so you can find it on your Cares list), and also edit your question to be different from existing questions.


The URL and Bookmarks are for the Results. If someone opens the URL and has not answered a question, they must answer it before seeing the results. Sharing questions is a good method for increasing the number of answers.

You can share questions on other websites. You do not need to be signed in to Whimsis, but you do need an account at the other website. Use the icons below Results and New Questions. Most turn gray to prevent multiple posts while on the same page.

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If you are not signed in to the website, you will be asked to sign in. Then you can edit the message before posting.

Members can enable instant Tweeting. If you are signed in to Twitter, the tweet is instant. If you are not signed in, you will receive a browser request to sign into Twitter. The exact message dependes on your browser. Whimsis does not ask for or see your password to other websites.

This link does not become gray when used. What happens depends on your computer's settings, but should open a new email message and fill in some text.

Register to avoid repeats

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